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The KOBO TC-851 - it's a big machine for those bigger jobs. When you need a machine capable of accurately and efficiently foil blocking up to A4 size then the TC-851 is the one. It combines power and size in an elegantly designed package.

Most materials can be printed with hot foil:- paper, card, wood, plastics, leather, cork, PVC. This has contributed to the varied and exciting range of blank products to print.

From business cards to a huge variety of promotional items, to high value, high profit products like greetings cards and wedding stationery, the list of items that can be printed is almost infinite.

Foil Printing Machines KOBO TC-851 A4 Hot Foil Printing Machine

• Brand new machine.

• Instruction manuals & training.

• Full KOBO-UK back-up and support.

ONLY 4250 No VAT

Please contact us for more details or to arrange a demonstration.

KOBO TC-851 A4 Hot Foil Printing Machine

Main Features:

• Horizontal sliding print bed - for accurate product positioning.
• Variable motorised auto foil feed - for minimal waste and effort.
• 3000 watt flat heating element - for efficient heat transfer.

• Micro-adjustable pressure - for the ultimate in convenience and versatility.
• Independent levelling - for accurate, positive control.

• 300 x 200mm print head.

• 320 x 370mm worktable.
• 2,500 kg stamping pressure.

• Up to 190mm product thickness.